Energize the
Last Mile

770M people do not have access to electricity.

Okra’s Mesh-Grid technology enables developers to operate sustainably in rural areas.

How it Works

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A Complete Platform for Energy Developers

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Our Hardware: Mesh-grids

Developers can energize households as standalone systems, or as interconnected systems that share power autonomously – increasing energy availability and reliability.

With up to 1.2kW output (AC or DC), Mesh-Grids provide productive power all day, every day.

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Our Software: Harvest

Harvest is a mission control web app for developers that are managing remotely deployed assets. From planning, to customer payments – to ongoing operations; all your project data is managed by Harvest

It’s available on desktop and mobile, and can be configured for use in your local language.

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Mesh-Grids provide up to 1.2kW of productive power per household (Tier 4 energy access). Available in AC or DC via 12/24V outputs.


Households interconnect and share excess power at 50V DC. Isolated households are configured as standalone SHS.


Data, alerts, payments and firmware updates are managed remotely via cellular (2G/3G) or WiFi connection.


Start small (or big), grow rapidly and scale overtime. Network capacity can be increased to meet demand growth.

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Deploying with Okra

Site ID & Simulations
We calculate the least-cost design for your project pipeline using geospatial data and our network simulation tools.
Install & Commission
Kits and Balance-of-System are delivered to your nominated location, where our Service Delivery team will be ready to provide on-site support.
Remote Management & Scale
Monitor, operate and scale projects remotely via the Okra Harvest app – available on mobile and desktop.
Deploy with Okra
In 2020, Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), and UNDP Cambodia worked with Okra Solar to deploy mini-grids to 140 off-grid households across 3 villages. The remote monitoring technology, combined with digitalisation makes it a sustainable solution for last mile communities in the management, and operation of mini-grids; and powering productive applications.
Butchaiah Gadde
Technical Advisor @ UNDP

Hundreds of millions of people don’t have electricity.


270 million


500 million

Okra has given us a way to connect our least electrified customers in an affordable way, to achieve our mission of universal energy access in Kaduna
Sa’ad Kamal Deen
Mini-grid Manager @ Konexa

Opportunity is in Our DNA.

And deep tech is the core of our approach. We are changing the way energy developers think about last-mile electrification so that communities can have affordable and productive power – not just light bulbs.
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